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What does Professor X need a calculator for?

Charles: I wonder If I drop magneto through a coil of wires, would it generate enough power for the mansion... now how does the right hand rule work again?

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When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train? 

When it's two to two.

Today's fix is brought to you by, git reflog.

There are few things more satisfying than deleting a few hundred lines of code you don't need anymore.

When you make a pun at work and no one noticed 😾

Spending money on comics seems like a silly decision to make but then I remembered people are paying thousands of dollars for pixelated apes.

My build stalls out. So I merge master and push again. Same thing happens, it's still pending. Force push again. Stalls out. Check the build in AWS, looks like it passed. Go back to github. All the previous builds have now finished.

By observing the build in AWS, I caused it to pass. Is this Schrödinger's build pipeline?

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The interstellar soundtrack is probably better than the film. It's honestly so good, I've listened to it many times but I've never watched the film again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That'll teach me to work on two issues at once.

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I have so many conflicts in this single file. I'm running into conflicts with my own changes that fixed a previous change after a rebase earlier today.

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Thank you git reflog 😁. I messed up a rebase and lost some progress, luckily reflog was there to save me.

"First, we need a linked list. Clear your workspace of unwanted xterms, sprinkle salt into the protective form of two parentheses, and recurse. Summon a list from the void."

I forgot how insane this blog was.

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