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TIL it takes me about 11 months to go through a pound of rooibos tea.

The bot attack continues almost 24hrs later. I need some metal to wake me up.

*Getting paged again for the fourth time today*

*Instinctively reaches for the DOOM 2016 Soundtrack*

Burrito drones would have made 2020 100% better.

"The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition."

Carl Sagan

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Headline: "Computer Scientists break Traveling Salesperson Records" 😯

"They were only able to subtract 0.2 billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a percent." 😑

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How normal are you?

Find out with this beautifully-executed and scary online experience:

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Maybe I should get some custom keycaps... oh $45 for a single key. Hmmm. Nope.

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For 18 months, people in the Welsh village of Aberhosan lost their broadband signal at 7 every morning. No one could figure it out. Engineers at BT Openreach - the privatized engineering spinoff from BT - undertook multiple steps, including replacing cabling to the village.

Finally, after a year and a half, they figured it out.


This is so cool! I had no clue there was a high level language that compiles to CHIP8 and has it's own IDE? Damn. The debugger I wrote for my CHIP8 emulator is looking a little lackluster now 😅

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The wooden wrist rest isn't bad either. I had to choose something not made of foam because SOMEONE, or SOME CAT, can not help themselves 😆

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So far I've only used it for one full workday but I've gotten used to using fn for the arrow keys.

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