I think I'm in the minority at work, being concerned with improving my craft outside of working hours and wanting to be really good at what I do, and to push myself in growing.


It's not only kind of a bummer, but it also means that having this viewpoint that isn't reinforced by the group means that it'll be more difficult to strive how I hope to.

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@botox that kind of sucks. Is there no group you could make that would be interested in that? Semi-related: I was looking at meetup groups last night and was somewhat sad to see that plenty are just not happening even virtually. The Rust meetup hasn't happened since March.

@arm It seems that Meetup would have gotten on that early into quarantine. The couple that I've seen that are still meeting either haven't updated their boilerplate templates, or are now meeting in person. 🤔

@botox Pretty sure it's just boilerplate. Anyway, it sucks. I'd like to be able to chat with some people about interesting projects they're working on. I'm looking for a new project myself now that the emulator is finished.

@arm @botox That's too bad. What are you interested in? When I wasn't working I was really excited about P5/Processing. But when I'm working full time my brain needs a rest on the weekends.

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