I was going to quip that making kombucha at home was approaching peak Austin, but then I realized that it wasn't; going to some hot new spot (which will be out of business in six months) to be seen while drinking over-priced kombucha is, in fact, peak Austin.

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New thought: peak Austin would be taking my enjoyment of making kombucha for fun, and turning it into a soul-sucking enterprise that sells out for less money than it took to start.

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@botox 🤣 Sounds like we need a Kombucha place where you make your own Kombucha.

@arm @botox Making your own kombucha is peak 10 years ago Austin. Peak Austin today is starting your own podcast and thanking Austin's newest resident, Joe Rogan, for the inspiration every episode. There's a surprising number of DIYers still here, but most of them seem kinda over it.

@arm @botox Seriously Taos / northern NM seems like DIY hippie artist heaven. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

@bradley @arm Hmmm, I wonder if there's a good chemistry grad program out that way.

@botox @arm NM is science heaven. It's covered in national labs. They have scientists like Austin has engineers.

@bradley @arm Looks like UNM has a grad program. Guess it all depends on what kind of chemistry Jess is into. Keeping it on the radar, for sure.

@arm @botox Also, Sandia, NRAO, and all the orbiting support labs and universities. In a state with roughly the population of Austin.

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