Updated Hugo, and my blog theme broke. So, new theme coming up!

Maybe not actually broken. Could be just the Pi-Hole getting wild.


Or not — the fonts render fine on my phone, and I’m on the same network.

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@botox As long as you have it in git you can always try again.

@botox I broke my theme trying to update it and couldn't figure it out. That's partially why I switched to a new one.

@arm Maybe it has to do with them switching markdown rendering engines? Just realized that one page was acting differently because it now had a Table of Contents added by default.

@botox You might be right. I remembered how I added the new theme now after I updated Hugo. I had to copy paste everything into new files and take out all the inline HTML I had sprinkled throughout.

@arm Do you remember which version you were on, and which you went to? I think it was v0.60 when they switched.

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