Thinking about parsing HTML with regex? Prepare for pain.

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@botox Haha, I've seen this or something like it. I wonder how hard it would be to write a grammar. I'd imagine that's how the browser does it.

@arm I’ve been wondering how useful it would be to learn how to build a browser from scratch. Most of the material I’ve seen online starts with WebKit, which seems like skipping lots of the fun.

@botox I did that once. Started at webkit, it took like 30 minutes to do the rest with glade and Python. Yeah building the engine would be really challenging.

@arm @botox Parsing html with regex sounds purposely painful. Just build a stack: push when <, pop when </, with a few corner cases. Or is masochism the main idea?

@bradley @arm Browsers will handle incorrect HTML, i.e. elements missing closing tags. I think the pain comes from dealing with that kind of shit. Plus, other things I haven’t thought of. :D

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