Reading about post-collapse software projects is fun, but what I should really be planning for is, how the fuck am I going to see if optometrists no longer exist?

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Ended up using my leftover FSA money to order two pairs of cheap glasses. Not an end, though it is a start.

@botox I've been thinking about this since you posted. Globalization really throws a wrench into a lot of things. Sure you can grow your own garden if you need to but if you don't live near the lense factory you ain't getting any.

@botox you raid abandoned walmarts looking for those 10 dollar glasses they have and search for something that works well enough. Fallout tells me that those old stores are going to be hella dangerous though. Maybe even full of supermutants.

@arm One option: seize control of the supply chain and means of production *today* to prepare for tomorrow.

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