When I brag on my wife, I talk about how she was a professional pastry chef, and is now going back to school to get her PhD in organic chemistry.

When she brags on me, she talks about how I do laundry.

@arm Thankfully not this time. But, I did have a job once that was just that.

@arm The last time I cleaned mine, I realized I spend too much time eating at my desk. So many crumbs.

I'd like to be my own lever, aimed at a weight of my choosing.

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I have laid myself upon a fulcrum, so that force can be applied to me and I can help move an impossible weight.

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I listed out all the parts of my job, in order to figure out where I can increase the leverage of certain tasks and be more effective in what I do.

I then realized -- I am the lever for someone else.

Ah, the ol’ “this is hard and complicated because I’m taking the wrong approach” feedback cycle.

“Fundies in my undies,” as a rap lyric, seems underutilized.

@bradley Bradley, you’re not in charge of marketing anymore.

@bradley With eye-tracking! The sound starts when you start reading, pauses when you look away.

Reading about post-collapse software projects is fun, but what I should really be planning for is, how the fuck am I going to see if optometrists no longer exist?

I still think that if devs were forced to program on Raspberry Pi’s, the state of technology would be better, faster, and more responsive for everyone.

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