@arm Wolvie isn’t the main protagonist, but as far as superhero comics go, it’s a really good run.

@arm Did you read Remender’s Uncanny X-Force run?

@arm I’ll do some digging, but nothing comes to mind. I fear the fans all just want to see dumb shit, so that’s what they write.

@arm Read “Old Man Logan” last night, and it was 🍿 but left me wanting something more substantial. I guess that’s what popcorn does…

To make “Ghost in the Shell (2017)” a better movie, let’s remove all of the dialogue. Just make it a sensory experience and abandon all pretexts of story, character, and philosophical musings.

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“Fasting is so easy!”

*pours 18th cup of coffee*

“What’s the big deal?”

*ignores all warning signs of an impending heart attack*

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If you haven’t been paying attention, tumblr got sold for pocket change to the Wordpress company, who promptly told the surviving staff “do whatever.” So now they have an ad free subscription, which is good.

then they stole an idea from somethingawful: give them ten American dollars and they will shotgun whatever shitpost you want onto 2500 random people’s dashboards. No targeting or anything, just “congratulations you get “hobbit love” or whatever that post about infinite chocolate.

It’s hard to overstate how much of an unlock learning to read C has been. So many more texts are accessible, and so much more code is less intimidating.

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Ended up using my leftover FSA money to order two pairs of cheap glasses. Not an end, though it is a start.

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Total speculation: the next Manhattan Project is already underway, and it’s software-based.

The big benefit is when we apply this perspective to the other aspects of our lives. Always be updating.

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The thing with programming is, most of the time, you're wrong. A bug, not having implemented the spec correctly, failing to consider some use case or edge case. Hell, even not being done with a thing yet means that it's in a broken state and isn't (yet) working how you want. And this is great because it teaches us how to be comfortable with going from wrong to right, of constantly updating our perspectives. "New shit has come to light," but constantly.

My manager was pleasantly surprised by how much I got done in just half a sprint. It’s actually remarkable how much you can get done if you aren’t trying to improve anything at the same time.

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current events, gen x 

it's fucked that anxiety about Russia starting a war in Europe and a lingering cloud of potential economic meltdown triggers "oh at least we know we can ride this out, we've already played this game" reactions in my brain.

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