"I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse."

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Jk (kind of): bought a book on applied category theory, and another on computer architecture.

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@arm This book was mentioned on Wikipedia (something about Conway and a sequence). Better put it on my list.

@arm I would like to contribute to your Kickstarter.

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My phone rang with an unfamiliar local number. A calm voice on the other end introduced itself as an FBI special agent with the LA office. I pointed out that this was an unlikely claim and asked for a switchboard number I could call back on.

The agent said this was an entirely reasonable thing to do. A few minutes later, I was back on the phone with him.


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J: It’s nice out here, in Dripping Springs.
This guy:

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@bradley @arm Browsers will handle incorrect HTML, i.e. elements missing closing tags. I think the pain comes from dealing with that kind of shit. Plus, other things I haven’t thought of. :D

@arm I’ve been wondering how useful it would be to learn how to build a browser from scratch. Most of the material I’ve seen online starts with WebKit, which seems like skipping lots of the fun.

AI strength coach as a Service. Partner with clothing brand (UA, Lululemon) to provide a free set a workout clothes that have markers printed on them, to help the AI more effectively track limbs in space. Sell more of the clothes, but only to subscribers.

@bradley I’m glad we didn’t go down at the same time. Coordination would have been a pain. People would have gotten emails and phone calls.

Slack is down. At first, it was just Messaging and Connections, but now, everything is listed as an outage. Where do we bet on what the root cause will be revealed to be?


@arm Nice! I ended up not buying any, but I was looking at Haskell books.

Published two back-dated blog posts, so it looks like I did something other than read books last year. 💪


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