@bradley lolololol

Just tryna un-make it, at this point.

@bradley I like it a lot, but some of our older components have so much spaghetti, it's tough to create a story for them.

@bradley Our implementation and usage is lacking, to say the least (I can say this confidently because I set it up and haven’t been pushing people to use it more)

Initial thoughts:
- Our app is too big.
- *eye twitch*
- There should be a way to tie components in mocks from designers to actual implementations in GitHub.
- *sigh*
- This isn't the first time this has happened to me. Will it be the last? 🍿 Stay tuned.

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Spent hours today working and tweaking a new UI component. Just found that there's already an existing component that does what I need.

@bradley @arm Looks like UNM has a grad program. Guess it all depends on what kind of chemistry Jess is into. Keeping it on the radar, for sure.

@bradley @arm Hmmm, I wonder if there's a good chemistry grad program out that way.

I was going to quip that making kombucha at home was approaching peak Austin, but then I realized that it wasn't; going to some hot new spot (which will be out of business in six months) to be seen while drinking over-priced kombucha is, in fact, peak Austin.

I suspect that a suitably unethical team of cyberneticists would find that babies would take to implants quite quickly.

Created a throwaway account with the username of "Cyclops," so obviously I now have to watch X-Men.

@bradley It uses plain HTML, I think, so yeah, no need for a routing library.

@bradley Gah, that chart is misleading for React -- nearly no one uses *just* React, because it's a UI library, not a framework.

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