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👾 changing people's ringtones to hacker by death grips whenever they leave their phones unlocked /j

@arm Neat! Haven’t yet found the MacOS equivalent.

A system application called Carmack that divides the amount of time worked in a day by the length of the average music album on compact disc.

A timer that tracks how long a user is active without touching the mouse. Used for training keyboard-only navigation.

I wanna read the n-gate guy’s interview response to the questions.

@arm Yup, runs in that lil block, prints the results underneath. I invoke it with a keystroke, but beyond that? 🦄 ✨ 🌈 🧙 🤷

I'm all about org-mode and babel (not *that* Babel) working out of the box with Doom Emacs to let me eval C code inline. (Finally getting to K&R, h/t @arm )

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A couple days back, I wrote up my best understanding of what happened with /r/wallstreetbets and meme stocks like Gamestop, trying to show how all the different, seemingly contradictory takes on the underlying financial stuff could all be true.

In the days since, a new series of contradictory takes has emerged, these ones disputing the meaning of this bizarre financial spectacle, and likewise what response, if any is warranted as it unfurls.


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Love it when I find a tool for beautifying json in vim (:%!python -m json.tool) and think "I should add this to something like <leader>j in my .vimrc..."

Only to realize I already did this.

Smart me is smart, but only when I remember I'm smart.

"I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse."

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Jk (kind of): bought a book on applied category theory, and another on computer architecture.

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@arm This book was mentioned on Wikipedia (something about Conway and a sequence). Better put it on my list.

@arm I would like to contribute to your Kickstarter.

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