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Part of me is hesitant to add some new language to the codebase, but the reality is likely that no one else will bother looking at it.

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Trying to decide if I should write a Bash script, use some Go, or go full CHICKEN Scheme for some task for work.

The Foundation series: where do I start?

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‘Show folks how to do something — and show them with great transparency and detail and humility — and the power of the thing you’ve made is multiplied many times over. This is a superpower: the doing and explaining. Just explaining can veer into pontification. But showing an object — a thing, an “output” — and explaining … that’s a substantial combination.‘

— Craig Mod


Ok, this thing has been good. I just need to set up a way to automatically pull data from it, format it, add in the number of PR's I opened that week (&c), and then upload to

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My conditioning is shit, and I did myself no favors eating only an apple all day before this, and doing it at 12:15p.

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Got _wrecked_ just doing this warmup.

3 round: 10x KB swings @ 35 pounds, 10x lunges (each side), 10x push-up, run 100m

Is there a system for asking what a book says about a specific topic? “What does this baby book say about naps when the baby is overtired?” “What does Chomsky say the Guatemalan government did when the Sandinistas took power in neighboring Nicaragua?” Etc.

We've seen this and its variants. Is there a version that takes the same generated person, and inserts them into photos or created scenarios?

Heard for the first time today: "the Ned Flanders effect"

Been diligently tracking calories today, and holy hell, I'm way under what I expected. Time to add more snacks.

Find the next probable business M$ will purchase, build a niche tool for that ecosystem that serves an important function, wait to be consumed.

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