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TIL that `defvar` in -lisp won't update a variable's value if it's already been set. No wonder I've been getting dates from last week, when I've been trying to get today's.

Moral of the story: upgrade either more often, or exclusively on company time.

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Something like 30% of my days off end up with me falling into a Doom Emacs upgrade trap.

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if space eats the first billionaire it tastes do you think the second one will go through with the launch or

I don’t know how to use Mastodon effectively.

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Primary keyboard has been disassembled for cleaning, and I feel *diminished*.

Farm toys for kids are part of a giant psyop program to normalize the subjugation, rape, and slaughter of billions of sentient beings.

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Crazy how sore my traps are from Sunday’s workout — 3 set of 8 reps of vomiting into a trash can.

Like GitHub, but no Issues tab or discussions for people to complain. PR’s, though, always welcome.

Front-end development is tough, but is it the kind of tough I want to spend more time getting better at?

I wouldn’t be mad if my work friends stopped quitting.

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I used to be able to make it to Day Six at my folks’ place before starting to flip my shit. This time, that started on Day Two.

If a cheesecake is mostly cream cheese, it’s totally ok I just smeared some on my bagel, right?

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Woke up in the middle of the night, too many times, thinking about Docker and “Eastern Promises.”

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we're antiïmperialists in this house, they're footrests, not ottomans

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