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This happens to some degree already, when phone battery levels start to dip. But, it’s opaque, and I’m not sure if app developers are able to handle those cases in their application code.

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This idea has definitely *not* been inspired by parenting.

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Battle royale game where instead of playing yourself, you pit a bot you’ve trained against other players’ bots.

An OS designed for solar-powered computers
The available instruction set changes based on available power levels
Fuck off from work in the middle of the day to play those fancy video games

A “Koyaanisqatsi” reboot featuring the same soundtrack, but using found footage from YouTube selected by a bot.

Learning C and computer hardware is finally changing how I think and perceive the world.

Concept album idea: using scavenged and repaired musical instruments, write and record an album set in a post-apocalyptic future, where the beats are all uber-danceable and the lyrics are all nostalgic for our current times.

Current job goal: generate output that I don’t hate

Just used ASL to count hexadecimal. There's a Venn diagram here.

When I brag on my wife, I talk about how she was a professional pastry chef, and is now going back to school to get her PhD in organic chemistry.

When she brags on me, she talks about how I do laundry.

I'd like to be my own lever, aimed at a weight of my choosing.

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I have laid myself upon a fulcrum, so that force can be applied to me and I can help move an impossible weight.

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I listed out all the parts of my job, in order to figure out where I can increase the leverage of certain tasks and be more effective in what I do.

I then realized -- I am the lever for someone else.

Ah, the ol’ “this is hard and complicated because I’m taking the wrong approach” feedback cycle.

“Fundies in my undies,” as a rap lyric, seems underutilized.

Reading about post-collapse software projects is fun, but what I should really be planning for is, how the fuck am I going to see if optometrists no longer exist?

I still think that if devs were forced to program on Raspberry Pi’s, the state of technology would be better, faster, and more responsive for everyone.

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