"‘Snow Crash’ Author Neal Stephenson Is Building a ‘Free Metaverse’"

"The legendary cyberpunk author is finally stepping into Web3 to bring his early vision of the metaverse to life."
Ohhh nooooo.....🙃

So this thing of infinite density collided with this other thing of infinite density and the collision was so big that it slightly changed how much you weigh billions of years later. And we measured it.

Is it too much to ask for an actual audio book? Where I can follow along with the written word while listening along to the audio performance? This is what I thought audiobooks were originally going to be.

"I inject pure kryptonite
Into my brain
It improves my kung-fu
And it eases the pain during
When the pedal hits the floor
This thing burns nitroglycerin
And powdered C4

When I say Vietnam
It sounds just like coca-cola

I believe most anything
As long as it's not real

I battled aliens
From outer space
They got one eye right
In the middle of their face

I grab my laser gun
I know my place
Somebody's got to save
The human race"

Patrick Stewart charging into battle carrying a pug, in Dune. How have I never noticed this before?

This podcast is delightful. This episode pretty hilariously covers things like Naomi's jump.

Found my new religion!
"Abecedarians were a 16th-century German sect of Anabaptists who rejected all human learning."

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